Parting Shots & Best Time to Visit Savannah

When we finished our photo documentary of Savannah, we had a few photographs left over. arrow-next
We call these our Parting Shots. Images have their own power and we are letting the images speak for themselves, except for a couple of stories that we wanted to share with you. To take the tour, just click on the image that intrigues you, or start with the first photo and hit the next button to take the entire tour.

Best Time to Visit Savannah

The answer to the question: “When is the best time to visit Savannah?”, depends on what you like to do on vacation, where you are from, and how you deal with crowds.

Our favorite time to visit Savannah Georgia is in the beginning of January (when this photo was taken). The city seems like some exotic and tropical place when you are used to dealing with winter in northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania because the temperatures are delightfully mild then.

The other reason we like this time of year in Savannah is because the city is remarkably quiet then. We tend to like places like this in the off-season without so many people.

If you like slightly warmer weather, and a little more energy, spring is a wonderful time to visit and the city has lots of fairs and festivals that celebrate the arrival of Spring like the Savannah Music Festival and the Garden Expo.

If you are a crazed party animal, happiest in a huge crowd of people, then you must come to the city for it’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It is one of the largest and oldest St. Pattys celebrations in the United States. If heat, sun and the beach are your style, then Savannah and Tybee Island (formerly called Savannah Beach) are best in the months of June and July, before the sweltering days and nights of August.

Here is a list of the titles of the photos in this gallery:
Funny Brick Wall

Fleur de lis compass

rock art on sidewalk

Bull Street and Six Pence Pub, Savannah GA

Male nude relief carving on monument

Savannah Fountain at night

Modern metal sign on commercial building,

Cherub monument

Lion fountain, Liberty Street

Carved stone pine garland on monument

Photographer does close up study of ferns

Window reflections photo downtown Savannah

Tour bus or trolley photo, Savannah GA

Thistle and sword stone carving on monument

Yellow wall, yellow building

Water bearer relief sculptural fountain

River Street in Savannah

January flowers

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