Savannah’s Best Store: One Funky Place

Cotton Exchange Building on Bay Street, Click to see more

arrow-next Whenever we come into a new town, we like to do our first shopping after all the stores have closed. We wander the sidewalks, peering in the windows, deciding what places we just have to come back and check out.

The first store that grabbed our attention in 2006 was the one pictured in this photo essay. The store looked like an antique shop with vintage suitcases, old overcoats, globes and large school maps. We knew it wasn’t a regular antique store because there was a mix of new and old items in the window.

Metal floral wreath
travel candles in decorative tin containers
Antique glitter star mobile
Metal apothecary cabinet
Decorative metal floral wreath and pillows
Ribbons and wrapping papers
Vintage bedroom furniture
Antique and vintage home decor items
Exterior of At Home Vintage General

When we returned this past year, that marvelous little shop was gone and we feared that it had become the victim of high rents. We were very saddened until we found the shop listed at a new location on Savannah’s Main Street, Broughton Street.

That funky little store is delightfully playful, whimsical, magical and funky. Walking into this shop is like walking back in time into an old department store in the 1940’s that hasn’t been touched in decades.

The store has an eclectic style and this accounts for the wide range of products that she carries. It carries holiday decorations as well as elegant shabby chic furniture.

The small feature photo above and the larger showcase photo at the bottom of the page show a couple of fabric purses, a shocking blue feather fan, lying on a pink embroidered bedspread.

The second photo shows a marvelous neo-vintage metal flower wreath on an antique shutter screen.

The third photo shows a collection of brightly colored tin can candles in scents ranging from grapefruit-mint to baby, to spa.

The forth photo shows two neo-vintage antique gold glitter mobiles, with an antique architectural piece in the background.

The fifth photo shows a metal apothecary cabinet with enamel drawer labels, some vintage test tube vases, and a wonderfully aged shabby chic French style dresser.

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The sixth photo shows another one of Liz’s incredible metal floral wreaths, this time in all white above a collection of funky bed pillows.

The seventh photo shows Liz’s collection of vintage and vintage-like fabric ribbons and wrapping papers.

The eighth photo shows a vintage white shabby chic French style wardrobe with gold and floral decoration.

The ninth photo shows a wide selection of funky merchandise: an enamel supplies container, wire display forms, wire baskets, vintage globes and old signs.

The tenth photo shows the front of the store with it’s characteristic teal awning and large display windows.

(Alternate Spellings, Listings: At Home, @ Home Vintage General Store, Vintage Store: Savannah, General Store)


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