Beautiful Homes, Real Estate, Shopping: Southside Savannah

Cotton Exchange Building on Bay Street, Click to see more


We ended up discovering Savannah’s Southside one day when we needed to find a good wine shop and a camera shop. To our delight, a friend told us we could get both things in the same shopping center on Habersham Avenue. So we set out on our adventure, driving out Abercorn Street. As we drove block by block, the architecture and the real estate got progressively younger and younger, but the boulevards remained wide and sheltered by those same great live oaks that make Savannah so wonderful.

Detail photo of Savannah Mansion
Another beautiful home in Savannah Georgia on the southside
Broad tree lined avenues characterize many of the boulevards and streets on Savannah's southside
Another tree lined street on Savannah's southside

In our small feature photo above and the larger one at the bottom of the page, is shown our one of our favorite homes in Savannah. It’s kind of hard to see in this photo though the trees and the moss, but that is what makes it so charming. This grand old Southern belle of a home features oversized white columns, a demilune shaped second story porch, an arched entry, a wrought iron railing and two matching lion entry guards.

The first photo (to the left) shows a detail of this same home. The landscaping of this home and many of it’s neighbors is exceptional. I believe that both of these homes were built in the 1920’s to 1940’s.

The second photo (to the left) shows another beautiful home with yellow brick, huge Corinthian columns, arched entryway and oversized windows.

The third and forth photos (to the left) show two broad streets on the Southside with landscaped medians, and huge old live oak trees heavily laden with Resurrection ferns and moss. It is in this area that we found that some of the prices for the real estate were incredibly cheap.

Best of Savannah: Southside Shopping

Habersham Beverage, a very large liquor store with incredibly cheap prices, knowledgeable friendly employees and a wonderful selection of wines and specialty liquors. We ended up finding wines and vodkas there that we have not found anywhere else in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York. Located at 4618 Habersham Street.

Bay Camera, for flash cards and disks for digital cameras with a helpful staff and competitive prices. You’re probably going to need them for something, because you are going to take so many photos in Savannah. Located at 4604 Habersham Street.

Cotton Exchange Building on Bay Street, Click to see moreOld Southern Mansion, Oglethorpe Street, Click to see moreEntrance to home on Forsyth Park with topiary steps, Click to see more
Tourists and Cameras, Click to see moreDecorative Wrought Iron Gates, Click to see moreSculpture at the Telfair Museum of Art, Click to see more
Forsyth Park Fountain, Click to see moreFree Ferry Rides on the river, Click to see moreWindow Shopping, Click to see more
The Ferns, Moss, Squares, Click to see moreChroma Art Gallery, Click to see moreHistoric Architecture, Click to see more
Broughton Street and SCAD sign, Click to see moreChurches and Steeples, Click to see moreSouthside Real Estate(s), Click to see more
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The Fresh Market, for exceptional gourmet foods. This grocery store is the only one that we have ever seen that rivals our favorite Wegman’s Grocery Store. The selection of organic and rare fresh produce cannot be matched in Savannah. The fresh seafood, shellfish and steaks are simply divine. The breads, cheeses and prepared foods will make you drool. Quality and selection as good as this, is very hard to find. If you are coming to Savannah to spend an extended vacation, you must visit this store! Located at 5525 Abercorn Street.

These real estate photos were taken in January of 2007 on our trip to Savannah Georgia. The beautiful homes pictured on this page were not for sale, but we included them as examples of the types that can be found here.

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