SCAD: the art school that ate a town

Cotton Exchange Building on Bay Street, Click to see more

Well OK, they didn’t eat the whole town , they just bought it up. OK, they didn’t buy all of it, just most of it.

Art Schools are not usually famous for being good with real estate, but the Savannah College of Art and Design is the exception. Working with the City of Savannah they have acquired real estate all over town and converted dead empty buildings into places alive with creative energy.

A tower or column of books are an architectural feature inside the Ex Libris bookstore on MLK Boulevard in Savannah Georgia
Photograph of the back of a SCAD building on Chatham Square in Savannah

A good example of this is the former Weis movie theater downtown on Broughton Street that they converted into a performance space. It is shown in our small feature photo at the top of the page, and the larger version at the bottom of the page. The SCAD theater is located on Broughton Street, which you could say is Savannah’s Main Street. At this end of town, the college also owns the Red Gallery, the Jen Library and 2 residence halls.

Without this investment of money, creativity and energy into the city, Savannah would not be the incredibly vital city that it is today. The Savannah College of Art and Design is not only a famous art school that is the largest one in the United States, it is a model for what colleges and universities can accomplish in urban renewal and revitalization.

Cotton Exchange Building on Bay Street, Click to see moreOld Southern Mansion, Oglethorpe Street, Click to see moreEntrance to home on Forsyth Park with topiary steps, Click to see more
Tourists and Cameras, Click to see moreDecorative Wrought Iron Gates, Click to see moreSculpture at the Telfair Museum of Art, Click to see more
Forsyth Park Fountain, Click to see moreFree Ferry Rides on the river, Click to see moreWindow Shopping, Click to see more
The Ferns, Moss, Squares, Click to see moreChroma Art Gallery, Click to see moreHistoric Architecture, Click to see more
Broughton Street and SCAD sign, Click to see moreChurches and Steeples, Click to see moreSouthside Real Estate(s), Click to see more
Savannah Bed and Breakfast, Click to see moreShopping photograph, Click to see moreRestaurants, a virtual tour, Click to see more
Parting Shots, a few more photos, just images, no words, no ads, Click to see more

In the first photo to the left is shown the “book column” at the Ex Libris art supply and book store on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. If you are an artist and you are coming through Savannah, you should allot some time to drop in and browse this store. The range of materials for almost any conceivable media that you work in just might be here.

The second photo to the left shows a detail shot of a scene on the side of one of the schools buildings on Chatham Square. We included this photograph simply because we thought the colors of the building, the gate and the tree were just yummy.

These photos were taken in January of 2006. Copyright 2007,, All rights reserved. If you would like permission to use any of our photos, drop us a line here.


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