Free Things to do in Savannah

Cotton Exchange Building on Bay Street, Click to see more

arrow-next There are tons of things to do in Savannah, and many of them are free. One of those things is to take one of the ferries across the Savannah River to Hutchinson Island, The Westin Golf Resort and Spa and The International Trade and Convention Center.

The ferry rides are free and provide an incredible overview of the historic district, the Talmadge Bridge and Hutchinson Island. The trip only takes two minutes each way. If you really enjoy your ride, you can leave a donation on the boat to show your appreciation.

Panoramic view of Savannah's Riverfront Park,
View of Savannah River and Hutchinson Island from near Factor's Walk
Detail of River Boats
The River Dog
City Hall Landing, Savannah GA
January in Savannah: Riverfront Park

The best free thing to do in Savannah is to walk the city. It is widely known as one of the best cities to walk in the United States. There are historical, natural and architectural treasures hidden all over the historic district that you only find by walking, and you also get the benefit of great exercise at the same time.

These photos were taken in January of 2006 on our trip to Savannah Georgia using a Nikon Coolpix 4300. This grouping features scenes from along the river, and the riverfront park.

In the first photo on the left is shown a panoramic view of the riverfront park. In the background is the towering Talmadge Memorial Bridge that traverses the Savannah River as part of Route 17 from West Savannah to Hutchinson Island, South Carolina, and eventually Interstate 95 at Hardeeville.

The second photo on the left was taken on the Factors Walk pedestrian bridge near East Bay and Drayton Streets. The large building in the distance is the Westin Hotel Resort that features it’s own pro golf course and spa. It is located next to the International Trade Show and Convention Center. In the foreground is a bed and breakfast inn and Savannah’s famous cobblestone streets.

Cotton Exchange Building on Bay Street, Click to see moreOld Southern Mansion, Oglethorpe Street, Click to see moreEntrance to home on Forsyth Park with topiary steps, Click to see more
Tourists and Cameras, Click to see moreDecorative Wrought Iron Gates, Click to see moreSculpture at the Telfair Museum of Art, Click to see more
Forsyth Park Fountain, Click to see moreFree Ferry Rides on the river, Click to see moreWindow Shopping, Click to see more
The Ferns, Moss, Squares, Click to see moreChroma Art Gallery, Click to see moreHistoric Architecture, Click to see more
Broughton Street and SCAD sign, Click to see moreChurches and Steeples, Click to see moreSouthside Real Estate(s), Click to see more
Savannah Bed and Breakfast, Click to see moreShopping photograph, Click to see moreRestaurants, a virtual tour, Click to see more
Parting Shots, a few more photos, just images, no words, no ads, Click to see more

The third photo on the left shows a detail shot of the paddle wheeled river boats that make tours of the Savannah River several times a day. The riverfront park or plaza in the middle was constructed in the 1970’s and includes historic period lighting, a red brick boardwalk, scrubs, trees, benches and boat docks.

The forth photo on the left is from the riverfront plaza also. A dog relaxes on the warm red brick.

The fifth photograph on the left shows the City Hall Landing where you can take one of the ferry boats over to Hutchinson Island. In the back is the incredible cable bridge towering over the Savannah River, with some of the factories located along the river. One of those factories is International Paper Company which operates a very large paper mill in Savannah. When we woke up in Savannah the first morning of our trip there, we knew there was a paper mill very close because of that smell that only a paper mill can produce. It is a stench that just hangs in the air.

That is our least favorite thing about this incredible city, that “Savannah Smell”. On some days it is not that noticeable, on other days it is horrid. One piece of good news, in terms of aesthetics for the city, but not for the economy of the city, is that International Paper is closing down some of the machines at the mill, which should make the city smell more tolerable.

The sixth photo shows a closeup of life along the riverfront plaza, with families taking a stroll with their children and their dogs.

Our last photo at the bottom of the page shows a larger version of the picture of the Susie King Taylor tugboat or ferry.

Popular misspellings for Savannah: Savanna GA, Savana GA, Savanah Georgia.

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