Savannah: Tourists with Cameras

Cotton Exchange Building on Bay Street, Click to see more

arrow-next Savannah’s got so much charm it oughta’ be a sin! And because of that charm, it is one very popular tourist destination. This is a different type of destination however. People don’t come here to ride the big rollercoaster, they come here for the natural beauty, cuisine, art, architecture, history, culture and festivals of Savannah.

When you come to Savannah, bring your camera, lots of film or storage/flash cards, good walking shoes, notepads and sketch books if you are so inclined. You just can’t help but be a tourist here and walk around shooting pictures with your camera all day. So much beauty in one place is quite rare.

On our first trip to Savannah in January of 2005, we brought one camera and took hundreds of photos during our week long stay there. In January of 2006, we brought back that same camera and a new much more expensive and sophisticated camera that my friend is seen beginning to learn how to use in this photo. We came back this year with 2 cameras full of incredible sights to share with you.

Cotton Exchange Building on Bay Street, Click to see moreOld Southern Mansion, Oglethorpe Street, Click to see moreEntrance to home on Forsyth Park with topiary steps, Click to see more
Tourists and Cameras, Click to see moreDecorative Wrought Iron Gates, Click to see moreSculpture at the Telfair Museum of Art, Click to see more
Forsyth Park Fountain, Click to see moreFree Ferry Rides on the river, Click to see moreWindow Shopping, Click to see more
The Ferns, Moss, Squares, Click to see moreChroma Art Gallery, Click to see moreHistoric Architecture, Click to see more
Broughton Street and SCAD sign, Click to see moreChurches and Steeples, Click to see moreSouthside Real Estate(s), Click to see more
Savannah Bed and Breakfast, Click to see moreShopping photograph, Click to see moreRestaurants, a virtual tour, Click to see more
Parting Shots, a few more photos, just images, no words, no ads, Click to see more

Savannah is a city made for artists, photographers, writers and everyone that loves beauty. The college of art and design could not have chosen a better, more inspirational spot.

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