Best Savannah Restaurant Poll

Savannah Dining Poll

In order to announce our new site feature on the Best Restaurants in Savannah, we are starting our first web poll to rank the best places to eat in Savannah.

First of all, we wanted to let you know how we arrived at our list of possible establishments. We compiled information from Yahoo Travel,, and to arrive at our most popular restaurants, cafes and bistros. We chose the top 10 contenders and have included them in our poll. If you think that we missed some great place, just add your own choice and we will add them to the poll.

We will let this poll run for as long as it takes to reach 500 votes. When this poll is finished we will run the poll again, and take into consideration any suggestions that you might have for great restaurants that we might have missed.

In the future, we will be bringing you more specialized polls for important questions like, Who has the best barbeque in Savannah? or What is the best cheap lunch in Savannah? What is the best coffee shop? etc, etc, etc.